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Cavo Mytikas is located in a quiet area slightly outside of the village 300 meters from the  provincial road Fities – Mytikas and 350 meters from the Ionian sea. The area is suitable for different kinds of holidays and for all budgets and all ages. Visitors find the visits to the nearby islands of Kalamos, Kastos, Meganisi, Scorpios, very enjoyable. As starting point Mytikas provides access to the closeby towns and islands.



Kalamos is a small islang  in the Ionian sea 1 km distance from Mytikas. In the Odessy Homer refers to it as ‘Karnos ‘ that eventually became Kalamos.It is mountainous and full of vegetation of pine trees and lots of herbs  like thyme,sage, oregano.In the east side the pine forest extends from the side of the mountain to the beach. The sea water all around it is crystal clear. Local boats make trips to the island.



Paleros is a town that existed in the Mycenean period because part of it’s walls belongs to the 2nd millennium BC as archaeological have found.The port of ancient Paleros was located where today the town of Pogonia is. North of the town of Paleros is the lake Voulkaria. The historian Stravon refers to it as lake Mytountion. The lake is probably what remained from the lagoon that existed along the entire valley of Paleros in the time of Homer. The lagoon was use by Queen Cleopatra as a getaway route to flee after she and Antonio were defeated by the Romans in naval battle of Aktion in 31 BC.



Vonitsa is built in the site near the ancient site of Anaktorion that was an important city of Akarnania and was settled by Korinthians in 630 BC. During the Byzantine period ir flourished  again with the name Vonitsa. Sites of interest in the area include:

  • The  castle of Kechropoula
  • The  Venetian castle of Vonitsa.
  • The archaeological area of Sterna.
  • The castle of Grivas in Peratia.
  • The venetian castle of Plagia.
  • The archontiko (house) of Grivas in Peratia.
  • The archontiko ( house) of Ragos in Paleros


Preveza is located in the narrow entrance of Ambracian bay opposite Aktio. There 31 B.C. took place one of the most exciting battles of the ancient world, that altered the history of the Roman empire, between Octavian, the later Augustus Caesar and Mark Antony.

In commemoration of his victory, Octavian created a new brilliant city, Nicopolis, which flourished in the following centuries and surpassed in population of 30,000 inhabitants.

The destruction of Nicopolis almost 10 centuries later, brought to life Preveza. The historical continuity expressed by the 14th century, when the site of the ruins of Nicopolis are already listed as old Preveza.

The new city was part of the famous Despotato of Epirus until it's overthrow. The sea ruler Venice, foresaw the importance of Preveza, captured it from the Turks, and fortified it with the famous Venetian castles.

The city, because of its position, has been a bone of contention among the French and Ali Pasha. Freed and joined the new Greek state in 1912.

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