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At a maximum distance of 150 km., in other words – an hour and a half ride, given the opportunity for daily flight in a very popular historical and tourist destinations.


From our hotel you can visit popular historical and tourist destinations:

Island of Kalamos island of Meganisi

Lefkada, Nidri, Scorpio (island of Onassis / Rimpolovlef)

Day cruise to Ithaca, Kefalonia


Day cruise in the gulf of Amvrakikos

Ancient Nikopolis, Museums

The region offers a plethora of alternatives to visitors in all seasons of the year

Visit to the sources of the river Acheron and the Oracle

Ancient Kassiopi, a Monument of Zalongo and Olga Club

Parga and day cruise to the islands of Paxos


Roman Aqueduct, Arta, Tzoumerka